The name of the metamorphic limestone is usually associated with the Italian classics from Carrara. However, Italian marbles form only a small part of the marble varieties now quarried worldwide. Many man-made products have always tried to imitate the random grains, but nature remains unmatched! Until today, the extraction of marble is an extremely complex process, this makes it, in addition to its unique beauty, one of the noblest natural stones.

We use marble preferably in interior design and in the design of entrance areas. Various fine crystalline marbles can also be used outdoors. Specifically, they can be used to create noble floor coverings, which are usually laid by us in a piece size of up to 3 m². This serves the particularly noble optics and a clearly reduced number of joints. In addition, the marble is suitable for bathroom design or for cladding walls.

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Interesting facts about marble

The stone sets important accents in the architecture and brings a significant increase in the value of the property. No 2. material can be combined so well with floor – / wall heating. Few joints due to large formats and robust surfaces simplify the maintenance of the household.

The sustainability of natural stone is reflected in several points. The stone is mined and processed with very little material loss. It is virtually not changed in its ingredients and requires significantly less energy for production than other building materials. Natural stone residues can be recycled easily and without any impact on nature. It is therefore environmentally friendly and above all durable.

Marble is typically used in the living room and bathroom. As a floor, vanity, window sill or wall cladding.

The blocks, weighing up to 50 tons, are gang-formed into 2-3cm thick slabs. The front/rear side of the raw slabs are then polished alternately. Thus, the numbered plates are always a mirror image of the previous/subsequent plate.Durch aufwendige Planung und höchste handwerkliche Präzision werden die gespiegelten Maserungen so geschnitten, dass alle Adern so gut wie die Natur es zulässt ineinander überlaufen. So entstehen dann einzigartige Naturbilder.

Marble can also be used as a kitchen countertop. Since the soft stone is more sensitive to oils, fats or household acids than hard stone, the color structure changes after some time. Mostly a kind of “patina” develops on the surface, which brings a unique charm.

In principle, yes! Of course, it always depends on the damage how much can be salvaged. Scratched surfaces can be resanded and various types of stains can be removed. If a piece has broken out on an existing marble slab, for example, the broken pieces can be glued back in if they are still there. If the broken pieces have been lost, there is the possibility to fill smaller injuries or if larger pieces are missing, to glue them with an equal/similar material.

When supplementing natural stone work should take into account the color and texture of the existing material. Various types of marble are no longer quarried and are difficult to find. However, in our diverse remnant stock can be found very many and even rare varieties of marble.

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Natural stone bookmatched

Grained natural stones look particularly beautiful in the interplay of the natural structure. For this purpose, the stone is cut and laid in the structure pattern, known in technical jargon as open book/mirror cut, so that the viewer experiences the unique grain of the stone in its entire length.