Marmor Eyecatcher

Unique eye-catcher for timeless design: bookmatch in natural stone

Imagine a stone structure that goes beyond your limits and presents itself in a homogeneous overall picture. Through special processing techniques, the team of Marmor Radermacher can fulfill this dream for you!


No natural stone is like the other. Especially grained natural stones show that each block is different. Some are a little more fine-grained, others more vivid and expressive. Each material can add a harmonious natural accent to the atmosphere of a room. But the image of stone offers even more possibilities in the design of rooms.

In an elaborate process that requires not only good planning but also the highest precision craftsmanship, natural stones can be cut in such a way that the veins of the stone form new patterns. The resulting figures can resemble rectilinear X-shapes, cloudy butterfly wings or surreal Rorschach tests. The eye-catching effect is guaranteed.

Eingangsbereich mit Wandverkleidung aus Marmor
Kaminverkleidung aus schwarzem Naturstein

How it works

This stunning “open book” effect is achieved when, for example, a block of veined marble or quartzite is cut into slabs (similar to a sliced loaf of bread). The slabs are then polished/ground in systematic order alternately once from the front and back. If two successive raw boards are placed next to each other, the mirrored grain is created.

In architecture, this creates completely new possibilities in the design with natural materials. Quiet rocks can create lively images, whereas wildly grained materials achieve a calmer aura.

Strukturschnitt/Spiegelschnitt Schema aus Naturstein
Regendusche mit Rückwand aus Naturstein Copper Dune - Marmor Wandverkleidung - Marmor Dusche
Dusche mit Rückwand aus Naturstein Black Cosmic

Experience untamed beauty

We show you how the image of a stone is extended beyond its limits and brings life to your Wonhraum in a timeless way. Discover a wide variety of stones in our diverse natural stone selection and find a piece of nature for your property. Determine for yourself which image suits you best and let us advise you on design and implementation.

Projects with bookmatched stone

Marmor Badezimmer mit Naturstein Silver Roots und Limestone Persiano

Modern natural stone bathroom in Mystic Grey and Gohare

Küche mit Kücheninsel und gespiegelter Rückwand aus Naturstein Statuario

Luxury kitchenisland in Statuario WOW marble

Luxus Marmor Badezimmer mit Bodenfliesen und Wandverkleidung aus Naturstein Calacatta

Master bathroom in precious Calacatta marble

Kaminverkleidung aus schwarzem Naturstein

Warm as the Sahara