Breccia Imperiale

Modern bathroom in Breccia Imperiale

As part of a comprehensive renovation of a mansion was created this unique bathroom project. The bathroom acquires clear structures through its modular center, which combines shower, cabinet, tub and washstand. The timeless charm of the oasis of well-being is provided by the combination of wood and the hard stone Breccia Imperiale.

Breccia Imperiale

The dark brown hard rock, which is usually included in the group of quartzites, is a cataclasite. Due to its origin, the fault zone rock has a fine veining, which is sometimes interspersed with white lime veins. The decorative natural stone is very durable and ideal for high-traffic areas, such as kitchens, bathrooms and showers.

The large-format floor tiles and wall coverings were manufactured in mirror cut, so that the grain gives a unique image.

Waschtisch mit Holz und Breccia Imperiale
Badewannen-Umrandung aus Naturstein Breccia Imperiale und Holz
marmor radermacher breccia imperiale badstudio aachen köln düsseldorf

Natural stone shower

The floor-level shower, clad all around in natural stone, is an absolute eye-catcher thanks to the large-format shower wall panels and the few joints, and is also very easy to clean. The largely closed structure of the natural stone shower proves to be a comfortable retreat and intimate relaxation zone.

The “back-to-nature” feeling, or the general longing for wilderness, is satisfied by the look of the forest-colored Breccia Imperiale and the solid feel of the “leathered” surface.

Dusch-Armaturen auf Naturstein Breccia Imperiale Rückwand
Dusch-Armaturen auf Naturstein Breccia Imperiale Rückwand
Großformatfliesen aus Naturstein Breccia Imperiale


Bathtub cladding and washbasin were individually planned and cut to size. However, due to the lack of stability of the material, the great art was in the assembly. Although the hard stone Breccia Imperiale is a very hard and chemically robust rock, it is also very fragile due to its formation! Once the natural stone is installed, this risk is virtually a thing of the past.

Waschtisch mit Holz und Breccia Imperiale
Badewanne mit Rückwand aus Naturstein Breccia Imperiale
Großformatfliesen aus Naturstein Breccia Imperiale
Chrom Armatur auf Naturstein Breccia Imperiale

This project was created in collaboration with Pierre Noirhomme

Photo: Simon Radermacher

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