Rainforest Brown

Showering in the Rainforest

The exclusive Rainforest Brown natural stone is used in a barrier-free bathroom designed to be individual and luxurious. Red-brown veins run through the stone like lifeblood, and the satin surface treatment makes them even more tactile. The stone is Serpentine Rainforest Brown. The mirrored cut and recessed soap holder make the material look exceptionally high-quality, almost as if it were carved from a single block.


Like lightning, the white veins stand out from the red and brown growth. The shower offers plenty of space, even for 2 people.

The base plates and gutter covers are made of a quartz material.

Bodentiefe Regendusche mit Wänden aus Naturstein
Bodentiefe Dusche mit braun-beigen Naturstein und Niesche
Braun-beiger Naturstein in der
Ablaufrinne aus braunem Quartzwerkstoff
Chroma Armaturen auf braun-beigen Naturstein in der Dusche

Nature’s design tailored to you

Personal consultation, individual project planning and a good conversation – that’s how your project starts with us. We realize natural stone dreams.

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