Elegant stairs from natural stone

Natural stone is an excellent material for building stairs, as it offers an excellent combination of robustness and elegance. Stairs made of natural stone are not only durable, but also aesthetically pleasing, offering a wide range of colors, textures and designs to complement any architecture.

Freihängende Blockstufen aus Naturstein in beige
Treppenhaus aus Naturstein
Terrasse mit grauen Massivstufen aus belgischem Blaustein in puristischer Architektur
Our services for stairs

Stairs for interior & exterior

Whether at home, in the garden, at work or in public, everywhere we have to bridge differences in height. There are now countless varieties of stairs, which are usually covered with natural stone. Stairs can be formed from slab material or from solid block steps. The substructures can be made of concrete, wood or metal. On request, free-hanging/carrying staircases can also be built. As a modern natural stone manufacturer, we understand how to turn your wishes into reality.

We realize the desired staircase according to the customer’s wishes and supervise the projects from the preliminary planning and selection of materials, the high-quality production in our own manufactory to the installation on site!

What materials are suitable for stairs?

Staircases are usually heavily loaded by various environmental influences (man & nature). Due to frost in outdoor areas, the choice should be made between hard stone or very dense soft stone, such as bluestone. Indoors, on the other hand, the choice is virtually free. We will be happy to explain more detailed properties of the stone in a detailed consultation!

Treppe aus Naturstein Thalla Beige
Treppenhaus aus Naturstein Thalla Beige

Frequently asked questions about natural stone stairs

This depends on the place of use/purpose of the stair treads. Basically, the slip resistance is always defined by the surface of the material (pore structure and surface finish).

Yes, natural stone is a durable material and many varieties are suitable for outdoor use. The basic condition for the selected stone is its weather resistance and resistance to moisture, frost and sunlight.

Natural stone is relatively easy to care for and requires minimal maintenance. However, further care recommendations are always material-dependent.

Yes, we also offer renovation and restoration services for your old stairs. We can remove the existing steps and replace them with new ones made of natural stone to give your stairs a new life.

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