Impressive walls in stone

Natural stone is an excellent choice for wall cladding as it offers natural beauty and durability. The unique textures, patterns and colors of natural stone create a distinctive atmosphere that enhances any room.

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Stone wall cladding

In modernist architecture, it was clear early on that hardly any material can give a room, or even the entire house, an individual identity like natural stone. Whether as an eye-catcher with a purely decorative background or as an elementary useful object of the building, such as a fireplace, a room divider or a supporting column, the stone enhances the building not only financially but also in its homely atmosphere. Changing ambient light presents the lively and diverse natural product to the owner again and again in new facets and can not be replaced by anything.

Grained natural stones look particularly beautiful in the interplay of the natural structure. For this purpose, the stone is cut and laid in the structural pattern, known in technical jargon as open book/mirror cut, so that the viewer experiences the unique grain of the stone in its entire length.

Marmor Radermacher realizes individual wall claddings in bathrooms or living rooms completely according to the customer’s wishes and supervises the projects from the preliminary planning and selection of the materials, the high-quality production in the own manufactory up to the installation on site!

What materials are suitable for the wall?

For exterior facades, the physical properties of the material always play a key role. Here, the choice is limited to all weather-resistant materials, such as hard stone, dense limestone (bluestone) and a few sandstones. In the interior, the customer has a free choice (apart from wet areas), as wall surfaces are generally not subject to much stress. We will be happy to explain more detailed properties of the stone in a detailed consultation!

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