Waterjet cutting

With the help of sand and water, virtually any material can be cut under high pressure! As one of the first companies, we entered the waterjet technology in the early 1990s and have since developed in parallel with the technology in this cutting process. With a lot of experience and one of the most modern cutting systems on the market, we offer versatile contract cutting for everyone.

Advantages & Technical Information

Waterjet cutting offers several advantages: Minimum cutting width (depending on material 1-1.5mm), Optimal waste, High precision and clean cutting edges (6 quality levels available). Thanks to the 5-axis cutting head, curved outer edges and angular cuts/miter cuts are also possible. Whether elaborate metal parts, advertising signs, tiles, skirting boards, table tops, inlays,… we take on any task. We offer contract cutting for industrial companies, metalworkers/fitter, glass construction, tilers, advertising agencies/sign making, artists and private individuals.

Technical information

Table size: 4000 x 2000 mm
Maximum material thickness: 150 mm
Angle cuts: up to 60
Materials: wood, tile, ceramic, natural stone, glass, metal, hard plastic and many more.

Do you need a cut?

Then call us or send us your inquiry directly as a CAD drawing by mail. Just tell us the material, material thickness and the number of pieces and get your offer as soon as possible.