Since 1848 stones determine our life

To work a beautiful stone, to form from it a wonderful wall covering, a noble bath or even just a window sill or a stair step – that is our passion. As one of the oldest companies in our industry in the region, we can look back on a long tradition and are proud to continue the work of our ancestors.

A look into the past

In 1848, Leonard and Wilhelm Radermacher, the forefathers of today’s Radermacher family, acquired a concession to quarry blue limestone in the Raeren district of Pützhag. Continuous quarrying until the Second World War, steam-driven machines for further processing of the raw blocks and an attached stonemasonry workshop characterize this era.

In the following gallery from the 1960s you can see the first production buildings and warehouses as well as an original invoice from 1863 for delivered bluestone.

Radermacher Rechnung 1863
Radermacher Produktionsgebäude 1969
Historische Lagerhalle 1969
marmor radermacher historie kran 1969
Jahr 1968 Gebaeude 1 Web

What we do today

Whether flooring or stair covering in natural stone, ceramic, quartz composite or granite, whether interior design or bathroom in natural stone, marble, granite or ceramic, whether a window sill made of marble or granite – today we are the specialist company for natural stone, quartz composite, marble and ceramics in East Belgium, also for europeen area.

marmor radermacher familie
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Our service

Planning, design and implementation from a single source