Shell Limestone

Design spiral staircase with free hanging natural stone steps

In the course of a sophisticated villa renovation, the steel steps of the existing multi-story spiral staircase were covered with a unique cladding of shell limestone. The raw material now takes center stage and gives the spiral staircase a fascinating appearance.

Unique architecture

However, not only the material itself is remarkable, but also the unique architecture of the spiral staircase. The warped steel bands draw the eye and act as an impressive design element in the interior. The combination of the clean lines of the black metal and the rock-like appearance of the shell limestone creates a visual harmony that makes the spiral staircase a real eye-catcher.

Marmor Radermacher Wendeltreppe Muschelkalk 19
Marmor Radermacher Wendeltreppe Muschelkalk 9

All around

The implementation of this project required the highest possible craftsmanship. In addition to 3-dimensional measurements of the existing structure and technical construction planning, the precise cutting with water jet and exact anchoring were also major hurdles in the implementation. Every single step was implemented and refined with dedication and care in order to achieve the best possible result.

Marmor Radermacher Wendeltreppe Muschelkalk 3
Marmor Radermacher Wendeltreppe Muschelkalk 8
Marmor Radermacher Wendeltreppe Muschelkalk 14

Shell limestone

The shell limestone, with a shot-blasted surface finish that looks like sand-colored rock, presents itself as a true masterpiece of nature. Each step of this staircase tells a story of past sea creatures that have left their traces in the form of shells and other marine fragments. The sand-colored texture of the shell limestone gives the spiral staircase a warm and inviting aura and blends harmoniously with the overall concept of the villa.



Marmor Radermacher Wendeltreppe Muschelkalk 4
Marmor Radermacher Wendeltreppe Muschelkalk 15

This project was developed in close cooperation with Yvonne Hennes Interiordesign.

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